In the glass industry, raw material beneficiation is a critical point in defining the end quality of glass products. For this reason, Vivix opted to invest in building a plant for mining and beneficiation of silica, feldspar, dolomite and limestone. The plant, which started sand extraction activities in September of 2013 to serve the float glass factory, is located in the municipality of Pedras de Fogo, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraíba; its installed capacity is 800 thousand tons of silica/year. This BRL 40 million venture serves to feed the float glass plant in Goiana (PE). Building works for the beneficiation plant started in October 2012, and generated circa 100 direct jobs at its construction stage.

The decision to build this beneficiation plant is a response to the company’s need of having full control over its manufacturing process. Among other reasons for the plant location, the region (where the Cornélio Brennand Group already had vast property areas) is rich in silica and, besides, is near Goiana (PE). This will enable Vivix to fully warrant the quality of its products.